09/16/2014 - Fast forward two years later, and I find a need to "dust off" the old hire me we site. While most of the content is two years old,  I have updated the resumes, added sample advertisements and made sure the news links work. 

10/19/2012 - Major setback Superbowl/Hawaii Trip Prize is over. Family car repairs have consumed the reward capital. Unfortunately, I still need to find a job. My next move? Hmmm... Thinking :-)

Hire Chuck Low



I need a new job.


Most jobs are not found through job advertisements but through referrals.  So I thought, what better way to ask for help than to reward people for helping me.


So here is the deal.


If you find me a new job and I take it, ... (Reward over because prize/reward money was used for car repairs -- Chuck Low 10/19/2012)


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Meet Chuck Low



to view all the short videos, and then download a copy of my resume found on the Resume page. 


You can also follow me on www.facebook.com/HireChuckLow .


Thank you for your help.

Chuck Low


P.S. Don’t judge your ideas or positions. I would love to hear them all. Call me!